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And what did he pray anyway? There are two things that really stand out in this section of Scripture if we take a moment to discover what the author is talking about here.

My Prayer for Today

The first step to effective prayer is to identify and become familiar with what God has promised, what He wills and desires. They were preceded by something God had said, promised, and willed. Elijah could declare this because God had spoken and willed it. But nothing happened right away. So Elijah continued to pray and watch—he contended.

In other words, he P. Likewise, it is important for us to always begin our prayers and petition on the basis of what God has already promised or spoken.

4 Keys to Effective Prayer

Use a Bible app or Google search to find promises or scriptures related to your situation. Sadly most of the believing community knows little about the practical use of the authority Jesus has given them to minister and pray. It is simply stating, declaring, or commanding that which God wills and promises to come about. He intends for it to come about because of who He is.

Principles of Effective Prayer

But like our obedience, it requires our participation. There is greater power and effect when you gather with others to battle in prayer. This, along with using the authority Christ has given you are the two most under-utilized and most effective tools God has given us to accomplish His purpose in prayer Matthew You could pray something like:.

Scripture: Ephesians 6:18

Lord, because you desire that all people come to a knowledge of the truth 1 Timothy ; and because you will that no one should perish but come to have everlasting life 2 Peter Always be aware that prayer is a battle and is a powerful instrument for affecting change. It will provoke and initiate activity in the spiritual realm. Therefore it is equally important when praying to regularly utilize the authority Christ has given you to forbid and confront influences of evil as they seek to hinder and affect times of prayer and those who participate.

Another related principle for effectiveness in prayer is that we must not let our thoughts wander while we are praying.

While praying especially if we are not verbally praying, but praying mentally , it is easy to begin thinking about other things perhaps what we need to do later or about other matters unrelated to what we are talking to God about. If we talked to people the way we too often talk to God, they might think we are losing our mental faculties because our minds wander from one subject to another. There is no magical formula or words that make prayer effective and thus powerful. But effective prayer does require that we understand and believe that we are indeed talking to our God and Father who loves us 26 In that day you will ask in My name, and I do not say to you that I shall pray the Father for you; 27 for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from God.

Like every part of the Christian life, prayer is a growth process. If you are just beginning to build a relationship with God, realize that He is loving and patient. He wants to hear from you, and He will help you grow in righteousness and effectiveness.

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To say it plainly, a righteous person truly knows God. He or she has come to know God by living a life of obedience to Him in the letter and spirit of His laws 3 Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. As we seek to understand the spirit of His laws the qualities of His love that are behind and revealed by His laws and seek to live that way ourselves, we will grow in righteousness and come to know God better.

We can come to know God. If we come to know God, we can begin having the confidence that God hears our prayers.

The prayer of the righteous, being effective, is very powerful. He met his lovely wife and lifelong companion, Vivian, while in college. They married a few day following his graduation. Continue Reading. What can make your prayers effective? But if we come to repentance —to a broken heart and contrite spirit—God will forgive us and put us on the path of righteousness. God wants this for our benefit—for our good!

…And I Will Answer You

So God clearly says the prayers of a righteous person are effective and powerful. Practical principles or pitfalls in prayer to avoid For our prayers to be effective, we must avoid having our prayers simply become habitual.

Rote, memorized prayers are not what God wants. Effective, powerful prayer and obedience There is no magical formula or words that make prayer effective and thus powerful. Remember, God hears the prayers of those trying to live a righteous life. About the Author. Read More.