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So easy, and it tastes just like an eclair.

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And finally, no bake oatmeal cookies are the classic chocolate no bake cookie you remember, made with or without peanut butter—even with or without oats. Naturally gluten free. This post was originally published in Most everything has been changed because the blog has grown a lot since then! Sample rating item. Hi, Linda, Creme brulee is naturally gluten free. Nicole, your recipes are amazing.

13 Gluten Free Desserts Everyone Will Love

My husband was diagnosed with severs celiac four years ago at the age of Thank you! Question: did you post a chocolate raspberry mouse recipe about 6 weeks ago? I made one and it was delicious. Hi, Suzanne, A later in life diagnosis can be especially challenging since you know exactly what good food should taste like! I do have a few mousse recipes, though, here on the blog that you can find by using the search bar.

No-Bake Flourless Chocolate Cake

Hopefully something there will suit! Nicole, you just read my mind! Thanks so much!

I am missing the part for baking instructions. Please advise. Thank you, Raquel. Hey Nicole, Raquel Elsa Herrera is right. The recipe on the blog for empanada stops at 4. It is incomplete. Hi, Raquel, That recipe is only for the dough, as the title suggests. You can use it in your favorite empanada recipe, with whatever filling you like! If they can make it with gluten, we can make it without. By entering your email, you're agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

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Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes -

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These clean eating flourless cakes, brownies, bars, candy, and cookies have gluten free, paleo, vegan, sugar free, dairy free and low-calorie options! Ever since I started using rolled oats as a base or going a little heavy on the cocoa powder , I found that adding a few other extras can produce these beauties!

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There is often a false assumption that flourless treats, sweets, and desserts rely on tons of sugar to replace the grains or flour. They all use wholesome ingredients and are simple, easy and quick to whip up. From fudgy brownies, oatmeal cookies and no bake fudge and candy, there is something for everyone here to enjoy, guilt-free! If you follow a specific dietary lifestyle, many of the recipes below include vegan, paleo, grain free, sugar free, gluten-free, low calorie and low carb options!

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with the BEST healthy and clean eating flourless desserts!


Healthy Flourless Fudge Brownies. Flourless Banana Smoothie Pancakes. What is your all-time favorite dessert? Have you ever tried a flourless version of it?