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Players can drag marbles at the bottom of the screen into the provided boxes to help solve problems.


Play includes five levels of addition, starting with simple one-digit problems. MathTappers: Find Sums This simple, free game uses ten-frames and is designed to help learners make sense of addition. It's an excellent game to explore with your child while you're on the go, as it is available for your IOS devices. Math Lines In this game, players make quick decisions to pair numbers that add up to a target sum.

Before you begin the game, review the pairs of numbers that add up to the target sum. First to Five Practice addition facts by adding the sum of two dice and clicking on the correct sum on the chalkboard. Be the first to five of a kind to win the game. Balloon Pop Subtraction View a subtraction problem and pop balloons to figure out the solution. Three levels of difficulty are available, as well as audio directions. Minus Mission Practice subtraction within 10 by shooting at the expression that equals a given difference in this timed game.

Measure that Foot Measure a monster foot using household objects such as blocks for crayons. Time Travel: Learn to Tell Time Set a clock to the correct time by dragging the hand of the analog clock or clicking the up and down buttons of the digital clock. Match Analog and Digital Clocks Match the analog clock to the digital clock. Learn to Tell Time Select a type of clock, then drag hands or click the time button to record the correct time. This free manipulative is available both as an app on online.

Ten Frame Select from several games that challenge students to count objects, build numbers, or answer basic addition problems using a ten frame. A Five Frame is also available. Advanced levels include numbers from , , etc. Addition with Manipulatives Players see and hear an addition problem. Three levels of difficulty available as well as audio directions.

How Many Under the Shell? Determine how many bubbles are left under the shell after Otka hides them. Choose addition, subtraction, or both.

Clear It Addition Create number sentences that add up to the target numbers provided. Earn stars for extra points and clear the board before the timer runs out. Give the Dog a Bone Find 10 "bones" by identifying numbers on a blank 's grid. Inches to Feet Students match measurements in inches to their equivalent in inches and feet. This game involves mental computation that might be challenging for some. Measurement Game: Centimeters View a red line next to a centimeter ruler and select the correct answer from four options.

Coin Combo Players click on coins to equal total money value shown.

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Coin Box Learn how to count, collect, exchange, and make change for coins. The coin tiles help you count as you learn the value of each coin. Learn to Count Money Players count money by moving coins and bills into a box. The game becomes progressively more difficult as students master levels. Level 1, count to 99 cents.

Also choose from beginner level using any combination of coins and expert levels using least number of bills and coins. Concentration Click on the shape mode to play a game in which you match each shape with its name. Mathman Fractions View a dot on a number line, determine the fraction, then eat the ghost with that fraction to earn points.

Cyberchase The popular PBS show hosts a site with about 50 games and activities, along with movie clips that explore math concepts.

Getting Started with Ten-Frames

Glowla's Estimation Contraption In the first level of this game, players mentally round numbers to the tens place, add them, and type in the answer. Subsequent levels progress to larger numbers. Times Square This game provides practice with multiplication facts as players race to be the first to get 4 products in a row on the game board. Use "guest pass" to enter game list and play against the computer. Factor Dazzle Players score points for finding all the factors of target numbers set by their opponents.

Your child may need some support to get started. Multiplication Grand Prix Up to 4 players compete in this race car game by entering basic facts. Students can race one another or play against the computer. Progress through four levels of difficulty. Battleship Numberline: Fractions Players click on a number line to identify where a given fraction is located.

Concentration Match each fraction visual to its name.

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Select from other modes to play games using arrays and shapes. Equivalent Fractions Create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading squares and circles. Match each fraction to its location on the number line. Strolling with my Gnomies Take the Gnomie for a stroll and help him to measure the treasures you encounter along the way. Use a ruler to measure the length of various objects, using either inches or centimeters.

Calculation Nation The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Illuminations site hosts over 10 games that includes notes for parents. Students can either register and challenge other players online or use the "guest pass" button to enter the game list and play against the computer. Designed for upper elementary and middle grades. Available in English or Spanish. This is a simple, free game designed to help learners make sense of multiplication and division using visual models. Drag Race Division Race to answer basic division problems.

Dig It Players take turns digging in a field loaded with precious stones.


The object is to collect as much dirt and as many stones as possible. Players tell the shovel where to dig by using a set of numbers to make a fraction—including improper fractions—and then locating that fraction on a number line that runs across the field. The more accurately they locate the fraction, the better their score. Students may need some help to get started.

Frames for Undergraduates

Fraction Feud Players use number "cards" to create fractions that are larger or smaller than their opponents' in a series of mock jousts. See the "fraction bar chart" to figure out how big a fraction is in relation to an opponent's. Drop Zone Players add fractions that will total 1 as they race to win 5 points in this action-packed game. Develops fraction sense, estimation, and skill at adding fractions with like and unlike denominators.

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Equivalent Fraction Bingo Match the numerical fraction to its equivalent visual model. Fraction Fling Match fraction to the visual model and hit the fraction to answer the question. Players can choose to use mixed fractions while playing. MathTappers: Estimate Fractions In this free app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, students relate fractions symbols and pictures to the nearest half. Then they use fraction estimates in addition and subtraction problems.

Excellent game to use while on the go. Pecking Order Arrange fractions and decimals from least to greatest on a number line. Three difficulty levels. Lines of Symmetry Click on shapes with one, two, or more lines of symmetry. Alien Angles Slide a bar to position a ray to estimate different angles in order to rescue lost space aliens. Look through the sites to find other games for your child. Skip the money game on this British site. The Quotient Cafe Select food and characters to practice division with remainders. Use dividends from 1— and divisors from 1— Mathman Fractions Add fractions with unlike denominators in this Pac-Man style game.

Fractazmic Add a series of fraction cards to total 1.

School of Mathematics Newsletter - Volume 20 - 2014

Cards include models of egg cartons, rulers, and liters. Fractions to Decimals Practice converting decimals to fractions while racing other players. Slide to the Top Order numbers on a number line as quickly as possible. Cubes Fill a box with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes.

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