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Around , it became a privileged alternative to execution, granted to daimyo and samurai guilty of disloyalty to the emperor. The condemned man received a jeweled dagger from the emperor.

The Honorable Death: Samurai and Suicide in Feudal Japan

He selected as his second a faithful friend , received official witnesses, and plunged the dagger into the left side of his abdomen, drew it across to the right, and made a slight cut upward; his second then beheaded him with one stroke of a sword, and the dagger was returned to the emperor. Around , it became permissible to go through a semblance of disembowelment prior to beheading.

What was the sword of Damocles?

Voluntary hara-kiri was resorted to after a private misfortune, out of loyalty to a dead master, or to protest the conduct of a living superior. It was performed by 40 military men in as a protest against the return of conquered territory, the Liaotung peninsula, to China; by General Nogi on the death of Emperor Meiji in ; and by numerous soldiers as an alternative to surrender in World War II. Bite me. And the hara-kiri.

Eye witness account of Seppuku

Harakiri unknown. Ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword ; practiced by warriors in the traditional Japanese society.

Suicide and culture in Japan: A study of seppuku as an institutionalized form of suicide

The most in famous kind of Japanese suicide. As it says, I'm slitting my stomach , it refers to this gruesome kind of killing oneself.

He was not able to stand the pressure of the society , so he decided to solve the problems in an " honorable " way. All the hara-kiri's in MK Deception are the same thing. As this illustration points out, there were different styles of disembowelment: single-line disembowelment ichimonji-bara , crosswise disembowelment jumonji-bara , crosswise disembowelment in modified T-shape henkei jumonji-bara , and vertical disembowelment nambu-bara.

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The above Japanese illustration depicts these four types as well as pointing out how the blade should cut into the flesh. A throwback to a very different time in Japan, seppuku was a gruesome and an agonizing ritual that many samurai willingly carried out in order to restore lost honor.

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