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The first in and last out of every fight, piloting twenty foot tall steel beasts of war. But no tuber has ever made it into the Corps, and they want to keep it that way. The instructors want him out, the other recruits want him gone, and they'll stop at nothing to make sure it happens. But they've never met a tuber quite like James Maddox. Compared to working to death on Genesis, training is a piece of cake. After all, boot camp is a long way from the front line. The Federation don't like failure. Especially not when it involves the loss of a star carrier, and thousands of troops on board.

Even if all Maddox did wrong was fall out of a burning spaceship onto a planet called Draven, recruit an army, blow up an enemy base and save the day Still, the Mech Corps prizes the Academy track. Everything that 'Red' Maddox ain't.

Legion (book)

He'll never be the automaton they want him to be. He'll figures he's about to be ejected, or worse, court-martialled. But for once, he gets lucky. He's offered a gig in Special Ops. In the kind of unit where a soldier might make a name. Especially since it's run by a disgraced officer looking for redemption, and the motley crew from Draven. It's a second chance. After the clusterfrak on Telmareen, James 'Red' Maddox has been out of the fight for thirteen months.

When you're used to the adrenaline rush of fighting aliens while strapped into twenty tons of Federation steel, ship duty is worse than torture. But the team is under scrutiny. One misstep, and they'll never pilot their mechs again.

All they can do is hurry up and wait. Until they're thrown a lifeline - a way to prove themselves to the brass. Someone's slinging Isckara on a neutral trading station, far outside Federation-controlled space. It's not much, but it's a clue, and it's all they've got. Volchek and the team mount up - quietly. The Federation can't afford a diplomatic incident. Unfortunately, where Red goes, chaos follows. Bailing out of a tilt-wing at ten thousand feet isn't supposed to be fun. Unfortunately for James 'Red' Maddox, it's about to be the best part of his week. Red and Everett find themselves alone, on a dustball planet that's a hundred and twenty degrees in the sun, and ten below at night.

The local wildlife is distinctly unfriendly, and the only thing they're lower on than water is ammunition Hey kami I wanted to know when the legion book 3 was coming out or at least maybe the title. I love your Legion series. I was so into it I went to the library looked through every shelf to find the 2nd one!?

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeees hurry! Never mind take your time and make awesome like you always do.???? When is the third book of the legion coming out? Do u know the exact date? Will this ever become a movie because if so i know the perfect girl to play kennady, its svary how alike they are. I will be reading anything with your name on it now!

I will be waiting to read 2 so I can read it right before 3! Better as a marathon.. I kept having to move my book cuz I felt like if I moved the book,there would be a spirit right on top of me! Loooove the romance aspect!

The Legion

My stomach dropped every time she felt her heart breaking and soared every time he touched her and kissed her! Hopefully a lot more of that in 2? I will be reading everything else with your name on it til 3 comes out! Patiently impatient, but I want u to take your time so u can imagine it exactly how u portray the series to go.. I would read your series forever! Definitely going up on my wall of classics!

Kami do you have a release date for the 3 book? Very disappointed on this series. It has been at least 3 yrs since the second book. Finish the series before you finish 20 other books. You have many of ppl that you have kept waiting. I hope you can change your mind and finish the series….

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I do plan to finish the series x Just have to figure out the best way to get it out there and finish up a few other projects first. Really love the easy-to-get-into style of Legion. Thank you for sharing your incredible world with us! I absolutely can not wait for the third book in the legion series!!! I found the first two at my public library and the covers caught my attention right away!

Lol fantastic writing and an amazing story!! I definitely can NOT wait! Any idea on when the 3rd instalment in the legion series will be release? Absolutely loved the first 2 and really hanging out for the 3rd one. I love The Legion Book Series! You are truly talented, I think this is the best series I have ever read. I cannot wait to read the third book. When will the thrid book be out? Wednesday, January 29, Priest The Legion by kami-garcia on Polyvore.

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Legion (Legion, book 1) by Brandon Sanderson

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