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More Information! Its effects on the workplace , and thus on the demands on the educational system preparing students for the workforce , have been significant in several ways. Beginning in the s, government, educators, and major employers issued a series of reports identifying key skills and implementation strategies to steer students and workers towards meeting the demands of the changing workplace and society.

The current workforce is significantly more likely to change career fields or jobs. Those in the Baby Boom generation entered the workforce with a goal of stability; subsequent generations are more concerned with finding happiness and fulfillment in their work lives. Young workers in North America are now likely to change jobs at a much higher rate than previously, as much as once every 4.

As western economies have transformed from industrial-based to service-based , trades and vocations have smaller roles. The skills have been grouped into three main areas: [11]. Many of these skills are also identified as key qualities of progressive education , a pedagogical movement that began in the late nineteenth century and continues in various forms to the present.

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Since the early s, a variety of governmental, academic, non-profit, and corporate entities have conducted considerable research to identify key personal and academic skills and competencies they determined were needed for the current and next generation. The identification and implementation of 21st century skills into education and workplaces began in the United States but has spread to Canada, [12] [13] the United Kingdom, [14] New Zealand, [15] and through national and international organizations such as APEC [16] and the OECD. A key finding was that "educational reform should focus on the goal of creating a Learning Society.

Skills and abilities consolidated : [20]. Until the dawn of the 21st century, education systems across the world focussed on preparing their students to accumulate content and knowledge. Therefore, while skills such as literacy and numeracy are still relevant and necessary, they are no longer sufficient. In order to respond to technological, demographic and socio-economic changes, education systems began to make the shift toward providing their students with a range of skills that relied not only on cognition but also on the interdependencies of cognitive, social, and emotional characteristics.

Additional research has found that the top skills demanded by U.

[Download] Mastering Web 2.0: Transform Your Business Using Key Website and Social Media Tools

Fortune companies by the year had shifted from traditional reading, writing and arithmetic to teamwork, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. A report from MIT researchers countered the suggestion that students acquire critical skills and competencies independently by interacting with popular culture, noting three continuing trends that suggest the need for policy and pedagogical interventions:" [25].

States also convened teams of teachers to assist and provide feedback as well as they looked towards the National Education Association NEA and many other education organizations to provide constructive feedback. The skills and competencies that are generally considered "21st Century skills" are varied but share some common themes.

They are based on the premise that effective learning, or deeper learning , a set of student educational outcomes including acquisition of robust core academic content, higher-order thinking skills, and learning dispositions.

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This pedagogy involves creating, working with others, analyzing, and presenting and sharing both the learning experience and the learned knowledge or wisdom, including to peers and mentors as well as teachers. The classification or grouping has been undertaken to encourage and promote pedagogies that facilitate deeper learning through both traditional instruction as well as active learning , project-based learning , problem based learning , and others.

A survey conducted by the American Management Association AMA identified three top skills necessary for their employees: critical thinking , communication and collaboration. The Common Core Standards issued in were intended to support the "application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills. Skills identified for success in the areas of literacy and mathematics: [32] [33].

Mastering Web 2.0: Transform Your Business Using Key Website and Social Media Tools

Following the release of A Nation at Risk , the U. Secretary of Labor appointed the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills SCANS to determine the skills needed for young people to succeed in the workplace to foster a high-performance economy. SCANS focused on what they called "learning a living" system. In , they issued their initial report, What Work Requires of Schools. The report concluded that a high-performance workplace requires workers who have key fundamental skills: basic skills and knowledge, thinking skills to apply that knowledge, personal skills to manage and perform; and five key workplace competencies.

The P21 organization also conducted research that identified deeper learning competencies and skills they called the Four Cs of 21st century learning:. These in turn build on traditional foundation skills and knowledge taught in school: traditional literacy, research, technical, and critical analysis skills. The skills identified were: [1]. The report called for policymakers and educators to define 21st century skills, highlight the relationship of those skills to conventional academic standards, and recognize the need for multiple assessments to measure and evaluate these skills within the context of academic standards and the current technological and global society.

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In , member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development launched the Programme for International Student Assessment PISA to monitor "the extent to which students near the end of compulsory schooling have acquired the knowledge and skills essential for full participation in society".