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Really impressive the way various ancients used geometry to kludge Pi out to dozens, then hundreds of decimal places. Entertaining and truthful. One of many academic videos by Simon Clark. It is a type of perimeter. Learners who move on past algebra and geometry can leave the digits behind, and start using radians as they start trigonometry.

AAA Math New and improved with even more topics! An oldie but still growing and going. Many teachers think this is one of the best math sites for online learning. Covers K-8 Common Core math content requirements, always has.

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Generally, a short tutorial is followed by practice activities - open or times at the teacher's choice. Available on CD, too! After School Mathematics "The After School Math website is a full-featured math website for grades created by after school staff and credentialed teachers. The site consists of 10 thematic activity modules, each with at least four activities. These content standard aligned activities are fun, hands-on, and provide opportunities for small group interaction, cooperation, and student leadership.

Algebra Point plotting and line graphing from FunBased Learning.

PJ Masks Full Episodes - CATBOY SQUARED! - 2.5 HOUR Compilation for Kids - PJ Masks Official #97

Here's a free, fun, interactive game by a former Math teacher that teaches you how. Play it online right now for free.

Algebra: Southwestern Middle School's Thinking Maps "A resource for teachers, students, parents, and other creative minds" Eight "Thinking Maps" take learners step by step through some of the basic knowledge and skills. We put the links in so you can explore this technique. As you see, it walks learners through the process of problem solving. Scaffolding works with reading and writing, now it works with arithmetic as well : Southwestern Middle School is in DeLand, Florida.

Click "About" for the email address of the lady in charge of these maps. She welcomes additions to the Thinking Map collection. Time, temperature, distance, more. Avro's Adventure is a great ThinkQuest site about graphing distance, rate, and time. Thirteen different lessons explain it all very well. A Billion Degrees of Separation "We take the temperature of the universe from absolute cold to 'absolute hot'. So if you need to know the boiling point of iron, the temperature range where tardigrades can live, the melting point of butter, the temperature of lava, the surface of Mercury at night, or the surface temperature of Sirius; they are all on this chart.

ChiliMath teaches the concepts of algebra. I also offer free math tutoring to help students with their homework. Intermediate Algebra has 29 lessons covering exponents, factoring, linear equations, polynomials, quadratic equations, slopes, and more. AND he offers free tutoring by email! So we tried this out and it was wonderful, even right-brainers could handle this - the step by step teaching of the processes is very well done - better than most hard copy textbooks out there.

Quakes range from the 5. It's really easy to see the changes as the Richter Scale number increases. BTW the U. It's been replaced by the moment magnitude scale, which is more accurate. Coolmath Algebra 1 and Coolmath Algebra 2 pretty much cover all of high school algebra, from exponents to permutations, and everything else along the way. Nice and slow explanations of each topic.

Topics build upon one another, too. Periodic exercises to check understanding. FREE , all students have to do is the work. Kids can create five types of graphs, input data, and print it out.

Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom | SpringerLink

Includes a tutorial. It always shows "What the astronauts see right now.

Both displays are always on, and are updated by the second. UTC time, latitude and longitude, speed, and altitude are all shown. Choose between miles and kilometers. Dimensions "A walk through mathematics! A film for a wide audience! Nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed! Background information on every chapter: see " Details ". Free download, and you can watch the films online!

Long Division

The film can also be ordered as a DVD. This film is being distributed under a Creative Commons license. Edu Gain "Learn Smart" Here's an international site free registration that emphasizes mathematics. Their essay on opening children's minds to mathematics is a good read on its own. Not a site for slackers, kids will have to work and think here.

Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom

Thanks, Anamika Sinha, for the email about Edu Gain! This page covers numerals, counting, and fractions. Everything is Base 10 - decimal. They are word problems that will make kids use multiplication and division. There are some algebra problems for secondary students.

Fascinating stuff.


The actual lectures are hosted here , by CalTech. Anyone who truly wants to may read all the physics they can hold here. Reading these online is free but legally getting hard copies costs money. We really need to do up a Physics site, a Chemistry site, etc, etc, etc.

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It comes with good, clear instructions. It is handy if you don't want to use a calculator and have to keep rounding up or down and maybe make a mistake.