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International Mobility

The pension funds have recovered since and once more have an overall assets-to-GDP ratio that is among the highest in the OECD group. Two main issues confront the pension system.

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First, the Pension Fund of State Employees, the largest pension fund, has a huge funding gap that will have to be financed through future tax revenue. Second, given that pension funds have previously been used to fund additional social programs, as if supporting the government is more important than safeguarding the interests of retirees, there is a persistent danger that the government will seek to claim access to the funds to support its aims in a time of need.

In , two major changes were made to the system. The government reached an agreement with the trade unions of state employees on their pension rights. The rights of those employees in the A-section of the Pension Fund of State Employees were changed from equal to age-related. At the same time, the state pension age was increased from 65 to 67 years. Pension funds assets Integration 6. How effectively do policies support the integration of migrants into society?

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Cultural, education and social policies effectively support the integration of migrants into society. Cultural, education and social policies seek to integrate migrants into society, but have failed to do so effectively. Cultural, education and social policies segregate migrant communities from the majority society. Integration Policy 6. Authorities provide instruction in the Icelandic language for foreign nationals. The right to vote in parliamentary elections presupposes Icelandic citizenship. In a report on the social and labor market participation of immigrants following the collapse, Wojtynska and colleagues found that the crisis and unemployment in Iceland in general have resulted in lower labor market participation rates, reduction in working hours, limited over-time and part-time employment, and lower wages.

Immigrants are, for example, offered the same job as before but with lower salaries. Participants in the study also complained about increasing prejudice from Icelandic employers to foreign workers. Further, the authors concluded that labor market conditions following the collapse are much less favorable for immigrants compared with the previous period of economic expansion.

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One reason is that the industries that were the main employers of foreign citizens were particularly harshly hit by the recession. In , Iceland received and accepted 82 refugees. The government contributed further grants to the support of refugees for and the number of refugees in was In and even , as earlier, the Directorate of Immigration repeatedly came under heavy media criticism for its insensitive handling of immigrants and refugees, especially for refusing to grant extensions to individuals who would face grave difficulties if sent back to their home countries.

University of Iceland. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Safe Living 7. How effectively does internal security policy protect citizens against security risks? Safe Living Conditions 8. Iceland has always been a secure place to live, with relatively few assaults, burglaries, or other crimes. However, some changes have occurred since the economic collapse.

The government was undermined by a series of protests, which — though largely peaceful — did lead to clashes between protesters and riot police in early Similar riots have not occurred since then. The police force has long suffered from a manpower shortage, exacerbated by low pay. The incidence of drug-smuggling has been on the rise for several years. During , four murders were committed in Iceland. Consequently, the country had a rate of 1. Global Inequalities To what extent does the government demonstrate an active and coherent commitment to promoting equal socioeconomic opportunities in developing countries?

The government actively and coherently engages in international efforts to promote equal socioeconomic opportunities in developing countries.

Comparing Canadian education to other countries

It frequently demonstrates initiative and responsibility, and acts as an agenda-setter. The government actively engages in international efforts to promote equal socioeconomic opportunities in developing countries. This is a tight clean copy. Language: English. Brand new Book. In many OECD countries, tertiary education systems have experienced rapid growth over the last decade.

Education – cultivating human resources

With tertiary education increasingly seen as a fundamental pillar for economic growth, these systems must now address the pressures of a globalising economy and labour market. Within governance frameworks that encourage institutions, individually and collectively, to fulfil multiple missions, tertiary education systems must aim for the broad objectives of growth, full employment and social cohesion.

In this context, the OECD launched a major review of tertiary education with the participation of 24 nations. The principal objective of the review is to assist countries in understanding how the organisation, management and delivery of tertiary education can help them achieve their economic and social goals. Iceland is one of 14 countries which opted to host a Country Review, in which a team of external reviewers carried out an in-depth analysis of tertiary education policies.

This report includes:.

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    Very minor tear to head of spine and moderate crease to rear cover across bottom corner else in very good condition. Hamar, Haraldur J. Quarterly publication, 80pp. Very good or better condition. Short tear to spine heel else a very good copy. Articles include: Visions from the Past - Naive artist Sigurlaug Jonasdottir talks to Adalsteinn Ingolfsson; The Hidden Bounty of Lake Thingvallavatn - Latest research throws new light on murta, the little fish caught for centuries by the farmers around the lake with photos by Pall Stefansson ; Ceramic Sculpture on the Upswing - Adalsteinn Ingolfsson discusses the latest trends; Vive la Difference - Third of a 4-part language series exclusive to Iceland Review readers, by Gudmundur Saemindsson, among others.