Manual Proceedings of Gokova Geometry-Topology Conference 1994

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Symplectic 4-manifolds, mapping class groups, and braid groups. Lefschetz fibrations, plane curves, surgeries, and fiber sums. Fiber sums of Lefschetz fibrations. Symplectic 4-manifolds and singular plane curves. Symplectic 4-manifolds, mapping class group factorizations, and fiber sums of Lefschetz fibrations. The symplectic geometry of symmetric products and invariants of 3-manifolds with boundary. Bordered Heegaard-Floer homology and the symplectic geometry of symmetric products. Wrapped Fukaya categories of punctured spheres and homological mirror symmetry. Mirror symmetry for open manifolds.

Building 3-manifold invariants by composing correspondences.

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Symmetric products, correspondences, and invariants of 3-manifolds with boundary. Lagrangian fibrations on blowups of toric varieties and mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces. SYZ mirror symmetry and the quantum A-polynomial of the unknot.

Lagrangian tori in conic bundles and mirror symmetry for affine hypersurfaces. SYZ mirror symmetry in the complement of a divisor and regular functions on the mirror. Towards homological mirror symmetry for complete intersections in toric varieties. Orevkov, E.

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Shustin J. Geometry to appear pdf K Separating semigroup of hyperelliptic curves and of genus 3 curves by S.

Legendrian Invariants in Rational Homology Spheres - Joan Licata

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