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Earthquakes occur when these two plates do not easily slide past each other. Another significant result of tectonics is seafloor recycling.

The processes that shape the earth

This occurs when seafloor plates, which are less dense, move under continental plates; a trench is created which then allows seafloor to melt, and the melted material is then pushed through ocean floor ridges creating new seafloor Oskin This process is called subduction, and is responsible for a great deal of remodeling on Earth. Many of the geological processes that occurred within early Earth significantly contributed to the rise of life.

Today, mankind impacts the surface of Earth through man-made impacts, though not nearly as significant as the ones that occurred during bombardment. Mankind also significantly contributes to the process of erosion because we attempt to manipulate natural features for our own reasons, and because our presence impacts weather patterns. Global warming may have an impact on volcanic activity as it is a way to cool the Earth; and it is undeniable that humans have significantly contributed to global warming.

While mankind alone is not a geological process, we do contribute significantly to geological processes. Earth today is very different than Earth million years ago, as well as compared to million years ago and 1 billion years ago. There are new peaks and land positions. There are many different types of life.

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Earth processes

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Processes that shape The Earth

Published by Martin Milton Pitts Modified over 3 years ago. Abrasion - grinding away of rock by rock particles carried away by water, ice, wind, or gravity ICE WEDGING: the process that splits rock when water seeps into cracks, then freezes and expands.

The physical processes that shape the patterns of Earth's surface

Agents of Chemical Weathering: Water — most important chemical weathering agent — dissolves rock Oxygen — oxygen in air mixed with iron and water causes rust in rocks, just like on metal Carbon Dioxide — causes carbonic acid Living Organisms — roots from plants produce weak acids that slowly dissolve rock around the root Acid rain — pollution from burning coal, oil, and gas for energy reacts chemically with water in the clouds, forming acids which can fall in raindrops as acid rain.

This causes very rapid chemical weathering.

Processes that Shape the Earth

The decayed organic materials are called humus, which is a dark-colored substance that forms as plant and animal remains decay. SOD: the thick mass of tough roots at the surface of the soil that keeps the soil in place and holds in moisture. Wind blew dry particles of soil into great clouds of dust that traveled thousands of kilometers. In times of drought, the topsoil quickly dried out, turned to dust, and blew away.

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Deposition changes the shape of the land. It is shaped like a fan. Rocks and Weathering Chapter 6 Section 1. As you observe the following pictures think about this… Have the landforms undergone changes? What do you think caused the changes? How long do you think.