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It's not the role, it's the goal. It was for future leaders who, by going through the 12 month program development program would come out the other end as project leaders. Later, she was then asked to become a trainer. A later project management position lead to her involvement on a project that used a facilitator. I wasn't neutral.

How Agile Practices Reduce Requirements Risks

From that point I made it my business to learn about it [facilitating]," she said. Throwing herself into learning opportunities and workshops, she learned more than only what it takes to remove biases from oneself. It takes a lot of practice," Gottesdiener said. Requirements elicitation also known as Requirements Gathering or Capture is the process of generating a list of requirements functional, system, technical, etc. The process is not as straightforward as just asking the stakeholders what they want they system to do, as in many cases, they are not aware of all the possibilities that exist, and may be limited by their immersion in the current state.

For example asking people in the 19th Century for their requirements for a self-propelled vehicle, would have just resulted in the specification for a faster horse-drawn carriage rather than an automobile. Beware the old adage, "it's everything I asked for, but not what I need"! What Techniques Can Be Used? How Should the Information Be Captured?

Eliciting Business Rules in Workshops (Part 1)

There are many different ways to capture the information, from a simple Word document, spreadsheet or presentation to sophisticated modelling diagrams. We recommend that the initial high-level brainstorming and requirements discovery be done on a whiteboard to foster collaboration. Once the initial ideas have crystallized, we recommend using a formal Requirements Management System to record the information from the whiteboard and drill-down the functional requirements in smaller focus-groups to arrive at the use-cases and system requirements.

What Pitfalls Exists? The biggest risk is that by asking existing users or stakeholders to help define the requirements, you will get a requirements specification that is unduly influenced by the current ways of doing business. Therefore we recommend that you ensure that sufficient third-party research into industry-wide trends and usability research e. SpiraTeam brings your teams together, managing the entire application lifecycle.

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    Collect Requirements Tools and Techniques - Interviews, Focus Groups and Facilitated Workshops

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