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Now Aiden and his one true love-Lyrra, the Muse-must embark on a perilous journey to find the one Fae who can convince the rest to leave their secure perches to save the witches and mortals. Because if the Fae don't act soon, no one will survive.. Praise for Shadows and Light "A vivid fantasy world Fans of romance and fantasy will delight in this engaging tale. Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, storytelling and music. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In Stock. About the Author Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, storytelling and music. You have to understand. She stared at the world beyond the glass for a minute, as if she needed to draw strength from the view. Then she turned to face him. When he was a young man, he left home with his mother's blessing. He traveled for a few years, learned a bit about several trades as he worked for his food and lodging and a few coins to rub together.

Then, one day, he saw a piece of land that made him want to put down roots, so his mother and grandmother helped him scrape together enough money to buy the land and build a small cottage.

Shadows and Light (Tir Alainn Trilogy #2)

He was canny when it came to business-and he was canny when it came to people. Like the land, he could sense what each could yield and when something or someone needed time to ripen. They had several children, and the family continued to prosper. By then, his merchant business was turning a good profit, and he built a large, rambling country house. In time, some of them fell in love, got married, and had children, and their children had children.

And while the family never hid their ties to the witches who lived in several of the Old Places, they also didn't flaunt those ties.

Shadows and Light (Tir Alainn, book 2) by Anne Bishop

As generations passed, not all of the spouses could make the same claim of having ties to an Old Place, and the gifts that come down through the blood became watered down or disappeared altogether. Nuala says the Mother's gifts sometimes sleep in the blood, waiting to reappear again. Our nearest neighbor for all of these years, and you don't even know who she is. She sighed. She's also my father's cousin, several times removed. Given his father's animosity toward the witches who lived in the Old Place that bordered the estate, he understood quite well why his mother had never mentioned this aspect of her family heritage.

If I regret anything, it's that my gift from the Mother is so weak. My brother certainly has a stronger connection to water than I do to earth. What was she trying to tell him? That she regretted not being a witch? How could she want to be like them? But they're distantly related. She's four years younger than you, and she's not distant, Liam. She is family. As he passed the table, he snatched up the decanter, splashed some whiskey into a glass, and downed it.

He poured another two fingers into the glass, but, this time, resisted the urge to gulp it down.

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I know you established a fund to help those women and assist the children in learning a trade so that they could have a living, but they've never been acknowledged as family. But Keely is different. She was only fourteen when your father took her, and what he did to her scarred her mind in ways that time has never healed. And with the talk and stories that are starting to be told about witches, your sister-" "She's not my sister! There are troubles in the east. Things are happening there that threaten every woman, not just the witches.

My cousin Moira-" "Oh, yes, cousin Moira," Liam said nastily-and then realized he'd used the same tone of voice his father had always used when Moira was mentioned. The baron who rules Pickworth declared that too much learning is unhealthy for females. It makes them unfit for the duties that are beneficial to a man's family. So now they are permitted to learn how to read and write and do sums to the extent that it is sufficient for them to run a household.

By those standards, Brooke should be learning nothing more than how to do fine needlework and write out a menu rather than learning how to think for herself.

Do you call leaving women totally dependent on the men in their families, with no way for them to earn a living on their own, sensible? What about the Widow Kendall? Should she have become little more than a beggar when her husband died instead of running the merchant store and making a good living for herself and her children? Or maybe she should have accepted any man who offered to marry her, whether she cared for him or not, trading the use of her body for sex in exchange for food and lodging for herself and the children.

It isn't sensible, Liam. All it does is turn women into unpaid domestic help and legal whores.


But I'm not talking about children. I'm talking about grown women, independent women who are as capable of thinking for themselves and making choices about their lives as any man, who are now being forced back into being as dependent as a child. I don't think a strong, healthy community can exist with that kind of forced dependence, but it's my gender that is vulnerable.

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You, being a man, may see things differently. I don't think the eastern barons care about healthy communities anymore," Elinore said.

Shadows & Light

Your father was going to make the same decree, forbidding girls to receive more than three years of formal education. He was also going to follow the example of some of the eastern barons and forbid women of any age to read anything that wasn't approved of by the male head of the household. And he was quite pleased to inform me that the barons were considering a new decree that would prevent a woman from owning property in her own name, or running a business, or even having an independent income.

He could have spent it as he pleased, and I wouldn't have seen another copper from it except what he chose to dole out to me. His father had made some dark hints about changes in the wind, but this? These troubles all have the same root. The witches were the first to be destroyed in the east. Once they were gone, other things began happening to the rest of the women. It's not that far a step from killing one kind of woman to enslaving the rest.

It took several seconds for her to regain control. If these decrees are passed, fear and pain are the only things she'll know. Spinning around, Elinore rushed to the work basket next to the chair near the windows. She pushed aside the needlework, pulled something out of the bottom of the basket, strode back to the sofa, and tossed two objects on the cushions. Liam studied the strips of leather that had brass buckles and were connected to what looked like a leather tongue. Harness of some kind, but, for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what animal a harness like that would fit.

You don't like what you've heard? You don't like the feelings and opinions I've expressed? That's your answer, Baron Liam. You're bigger than I am, and you're stronger. Will you force me down to the floor and shove that leather tongue into my mouth and buckle that bridle around my head? Will you use your fists to subdue me when I fight you so that when you order me to open my mouth to be bridled I'm too frightened and hurt too much to do anything but obey?

He did that? The whiskey glass slipped from his fingers, hit the carpet, but didn't break.