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This week: Part 2 of our interview with Joe Zee He's prolific, hilarious, indomitable -- and Canadian. Our delicious and fast-paced! In the first of two incredible episodes, we get granular about his smash Netflix series, 7 Days Out and why 'Cassini' was the key to everything else , why 'workaholic' is one of the biggest compliments he can think of, and what he's learned about turning a failure into a launchpad - plus, the secret place he always looks to find the story nobody else is telling. This week: Lots of celebs talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion - but Brie Larson is backing it up.

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We talk about what that means for the upcoming promotion of Captain Marvel and how it can work. Then, we're giddy about this year's Oscars - when's the last time they were described as a 'scramble'? We talk about the badass producer who's putting her foot down and making any press good press. Plus, has Oscar season given birth to SNL's newest breakout star? All this, plus we meet Lainey's new best friend! We're back! As Oscar voting opens, how Sean Penn's misguided screed about Bradley Cooper's artistic man-pain might hurt him.

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Then, 'Russian Doll' deserves to be at the top of your Netflix list - is the genius of creator-star Natasha Lyonne a surprise? Plus we'll dive into the drama between the Writers' Guild and the Agents' association, and what it means for your upcoming entertainment -- and Anne Hathaway, Drake, and Rupert Everett!?! This week: When it's not working.

Like you, we can't look away from the Netflix doc about Fyre Fest -- we dig into the gruesome mistakes and lapses in judgment, plus how do you know which 'influencers' you can trust? Plus, Samuel L Jackson is Hollywood's 'most bankable' star - we pin down whether talent, attitude, or something else gives him his incredible staying power. This week, we unpack the production side of the Golden Globes and how the show fell short. The same can be said for Bill Hader and 'Barry' …but his story has an entirely different tone.

We are back with another episode on writing, this time with novelist Allison Winn Scotch. We go back to the beginning and her work as a magazine writer and follow her transition to books and now screenplays.

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What were the obstacles along the way? What are the obstacles that are always in the way as a writer? This week: 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama is the bestselling hardcover book of and it only came out a month ago.


Apologies for what sounds a bit like auto-tune after the 15 minute mark as we ran into some slight audio issues. This week: the work that goes into hosting the Oscars is massive, so who should be doing it? We have some suggestions. Then, why Megan Fox surprised us - with her new work, and thoughts that made us see her past work in a new way.

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Finally, should we be "Joyful Joyful" about the reboot of a movie classic? Welcome to our bonus mini-episode! We also share best practices and hacks that other writers have shared and we invite you to share your hacks and tips with us.

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This week: Michael B Jordan is now a proper movie star, at a time when fewer and fewer movie stars have emerged. On this episode, we look back at how he made himself a movie star and specifically where he worked to become one. And finally, how a very old story can be made new — with help from Britney Spears. Show Your Work Duana and Lainey deep dive each week into work behind the gossip, the shows, the scripts, and the screenplays.

Feb 08, Shannon Yarbrough rated it it was amazing. I loved Austin's first book, Steal Like an Artist, and did exactly what he told me, including buying extra copies of his book and giving it to all my friends. As a writer and an artist, his advice is simple, inspiring, and fun to follow. I still use that book as a reference when I need a pick-me-up. His new book, Show Your Work! It's the same format - quick chapters with full page black and white photos, quotes from famous folks that you will be pi I loved Austin's first book, Steal Like an Artist, and did exactly what he told me, including buying extra copies of his book and giving it to all my friends.

It's the same format - quick chapters with full page black and white photos, quotes from famous folks that you will be pinning to your studio walls,lots of his newspaper blackout phrases, and the same simple noteworthy advice that Kleon is so good at! Building off of his first book, Kleon encourages the artist, writer, or anyone creative to dig a bit deeper to reach their audience.

He teaches you how to introduce yourself at a party, how not to be human spam, to tell good stories, to share something small everyday, to build a mailing list. But then there are good life lessons like stepping away from what you are doing, or starting over, teach what you know, think process not product, and so much more. If you are looking for a step-by-step how-to guide to getting rich and famous at novel writing or art selling, this isn't it. But if you want a fun cheerleader-type book chocked full of good advice that's to the point and easy to follow, Kleon is your man.

This book would make a great gift for the artist in your life, if you aren't one yourself. But as an artist or writer, you have to follow through!

Show Your Work

Follow him on Twitter, do the little things he suggests, scratch each others' backs, and show your work! It really works - removing the stress from your creativity and helping you to step back and see the bigger picture! I always feel energized and ready to dive in after reading his books. And I will definitely be buying extra copies to share with my artist friends, and am already anxiously waiting for the next one!

Kleon calls himself a writer who draws; he's also a genius! View 1 comment. Feb 26, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: avid-ideas , gifts-to-me , one-day-reads. More than anything else, I felt really validated as I read Kleon's newest piece. It made me think of the very early days when Avid Bookshop was just a dream, when I was sharing my ups and downs with folks and hoping against hope that someday my business would be a vibrant brick-and-mortar bookstore.

If you are a creator of any kind--and all of us are, or can be--this book will inspire you and make you feel empowered. Are you going to read this book because my review influenced you? Then check it More than anything else, I felt really validated as I read Kleon's newest piece. Support independent creators and entrepreneurs! Jun 14, Donalyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult-nonfiction.

Funny, smart, observant. So much of what Kleon writes resonates with me as a writer who blogs and tweets. Great ideas about building your tribe and sharing ideas. Aug 06, Christine Zibas rated it it was amazing Shelves: books.

Summary: Austin Kleon's Show Your Work! Steal like an Artist.

And I could add, whenever we talk, we're always telling stories. Why do we write or make art or pursue creativity of any sort? The answer? To be more ourselves, to show who we are, to make a connection, to find our tribe. Austin Kleon, the author of this book is a "writer who draws" and in sharing himself here, he takes his readers deep into the element of connecting. In particular, he offers up suggestions of how to get y "Whatever we say, we're always talking about ourselves.