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The Hormones in Human Reproduction. New York: Atheneum, Couzinet, B. Termination of early pregnancy by the progesterone antagonist RU mifepristone. New England Journal of Medicine —, Crooij, M. Croxatto, H.

Emergency Postcoital Contraception

Cyclic use of antigestagens for fertility control. Runnebaum, B. Casterton, N. Effects of continuous treatment with low dose mifepristone throughout one menstrual cycle. Human Reproduction —, Csapo, A. Control of human parturition. Kaminetzky, H. Philadelphia: Stickley, Danforth, D. Contraceptive potential of RU by ovulation inhibition. Preliminary observations on once weekly oral administration.

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Contraception —, Das, C. Antifertility actions of the progesterone antagonist RU include direct inhibition of placental hormone secretion. Lancet ii—, Delabre, K.

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In vivo evidence against the existence of antiprogestins disrupting receptor binding to DNA. Pharmacology , in press. DeMarzo, A. Effects of the steroid antagonist RU on dimerization of the human progesterone receptor. Biochemistry —, Djerassi, C.

Birth control after Dubois, C. Contragestion with late luteal administration of RU mifepristone.

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Fertility and Sterility —, b. Egarter, C. Biochemistry of myometrial contractility. El Alj, A. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology —, El-Ashry, D.

Human progesterone receptor complexed with the antagonist RU binds to hormone response elements in a structurally altered form. Molecular Endocrinology —, Elger, W. Studies on the mechanisms of action of progesterone antagonists. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry —, El-Refaey, H.

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Medical management of missed abortion and anembryonic pregnancy. British Medical Journal , Evans, R. The steroid and thyroid hormone receptor superfamily. Finidori-Lepicard, J. Steroid hormone as. Inhibition by progesterone of the membrane bound enzyme in Xenopus laevis oocytes. Gaillard, R. RU A steroid with antiglucocorticosteroid activity that only disinhibits the human pituitary-adrenal system at a specific time of day. Garcia, T. Garfield, R. Effects of the antiprogesterone RU on preterm birth in the rat.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology —, Garzo, V. Effects of an antiprogesterone RU on the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-ovarian-endometrial axis during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Gemzell-Danielsson, K. Early luteal phase treatment with RU fertility regulation.

Human Reproduction , in press. Ghosh, D. Effect of RU on the endometrial response to deciduogenic stimulus in ovariectomized rhesus monkeys treated with oestrogen and progesterone. Glasier, A. Mifepristone RU compared with high-dose estrogen and progestogen for emergency post-coital contraception. Graham, R. The effects of the antiprogesterone RU mifepristone on an endometrial secretory glycan: An immunocytochemical study.

Gravanis, A. The ''dysharmonic luteal phase" syndrome: Endometrial progesterone receptor and estradiol dehydrogenase. Greene, K.

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  7. Interruption of endometrial maturation without hormonal changes by an antiprogesterone during the first half of luteal phase of the menstrual cycle: A contraceptive potential. Grimaldi, B. Grimes, D. Mifepristone RU —an abortifacient to prevent abortion? A randomized clinical trial of Mifepristone RU for induction of delayed menses: Efficacy and acceptability. Contraception —10, Gronemeyer, H. Transcription activation by estrogen and progesterone receptors. Annual Review of Genetics —, Groyer, A. Chick oviduct glucocorticosteroid receptor. Specific binding of the synthetic steroid RU and immunological studies with antibodies to chick oviduct progesterone receptor.

    European Journal of Biochemistry —, Antiglucocorticosteroid effects suggest why steroid hormone is required for receptors to bind DNA in vivo but not in vitro. Grunberg, S. Treatment of unresectable meningiomas with the antiprogesterone agent mifepristone. Journal of Neurosurgery —, Guiochon-Mantel, A.

    Receptors bound to antiprogestin form abortive complexes with hormone responsive elements. Mechanisms of nuclear localization of the progesterone receptor: Evidence for interaction between monomers. Cell —, Gupta, J.

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    8. Should we use prostaglandins, tents or progesterone antagonists for cervical ripening before first trimester abortion? Haak, H. Successful mifepristone treatment of recurrent, inoperable meningioma. Haluska, G.

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      Temporal changes in uterine activity and prostaglandin response to RU in rhesus macaques in late gestation. Uterine estrogen receptors are increased by RU in late pregnant rhesus macaques but not after spontaneous labor. Hansen, K. Natural killer cell activity from pregnant subjects is modulated by RU American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology —90, Hegele-Hartung, C. Luteal control of endometrial receptivity and its modification by progesterone antagonists.

      Henderson, D. Furr, B. Hendry, L. Stereochemical complementarity of progesterone, RU and cavities between base pairs in partially unwound double stranded DNA assessed by computer modeling and energy calculations. Henshaw, R. Pre-operative cervical preparation before first trimester vacuum aspiration: A randomized controlled comparision between gemeprost and mifepristone RU Herrmann, W. Effects of the antiprogesterone RU in early pregnancy and during the menstrual cycle. Hodgen, G. Antiprogestins: The political chemistry of RU Horwitz, K.